Unidentified Flying Object

Some dry leaves attached to a body (Photo: Jan Nergård)
Some dry leaves attached to a body (Photo: Jan Nergård)
I saw someting strange on my garage wall yesterday morning. At a distance it looked like old leaves, but when I studied it closer, it turned out to be a living creature. It was quite big, and the back of its body was curved upwards.
I have never seen anything like it before. If anyone knows what it is, I would be very grateful for a comment!

Update: This flying object is identified as a poplar hawk moth, in Norway known as an ospesvermer or poppelsvermer (Laothoe populi). Thanks to PK for helping me with that!


Author: Jan's bulletin board

I live in a part of the world called Norway with my wife and two daughters. I worked as a telecom engineer for 20 years. Nowadays I am attending a helpdesk supporting colleagues with computer problems. I am also a hobby photographer who believe we ought to pay more attention to how we treat our planet and each other. I trust the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and I am disappointed that leading politicians in my own and other countries more or less have been ignoring warnings from the scientists for 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Unidentified Flying Object”

  1. Hi Jan, that is the Popular Hawk-Moth. It can hide itself amongst leaves and such to keep it safe from predators. Great photo!


    1. It is great to have knowledgeable contacts in the blog world! Thanks to you, by googling “poplar hawk moth” I found that the Norwegian name is “ospesvermer” or “poppelsvermer” (latin name: Laothoe populi). Thanks a lot, PK! 🙂


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