The friendly side

After publishing the rather scary portrait of a wolf defending its position, I feel like sharing a picture of its more friendly side. These are such beautiful animals, especially now with in winter with their long and bushy fur. They were almost completely gone in Norway, now there are about 30 of them in the wild (plus another 50 living in the area along the border).
(Observe how the colors of the fur perfectly match the colors of the landscape..)

Wolf in winter (photo: Jan Nergård)
Wolf in winter (photo: Jan Nergård)

Author: Jan's bulletin board

I live in a part of the world called Norway with my wife and two daughters. I worked as a telecom engineer for 20 years. Nowadays I am attending a helpdesk supporting colleagues with computer problems. I am also a hobby photographer who believe we ought to pay more attention to how we treat our planet and each other. I trust the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and I am disappointed that leading politicians in my own and other countries more or less have been ignoring warnings from the scientists for 20 years.

3 thoughts on “The friendly side”

  1. Thanks, Julie, they are certainly among my favorites, too. Unfortunately, many people hate them. A lot because they are scared of them, and many because they see them as competitors (hunters) or a threat to livestock (farmers). I normally don’t like to see wild animals behind a fence, but I think the people at Langedrag are very dedicated and competent and they are doing a great job destroying some myths about the wolf as an evil creature. The space reserved for the wolves here is also far greater than I have seen any other place of this kind I have been.


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