A Norwegian singing like an American…

…who wants to sing like a Norwegian!!??
There is a well-known song in Norway about a boy called Hjalmar who tries to sing in English without knowing the language particularly well. Now this guy in the video (a Norwegian radio host, whose real name is Rune Nilson) has turned it all around and made it into a song about an American who wants to sing in Norwegian (and obviously doesn’t know the language very well, either)! I don’t know about you, but he makes me laugh (and tap my feet)..


Author: Jan's bulletin board

I live in a part of the world called Norway with my wife and two daughters. I worked as a telecom engineer for 20 years. Nowadays I am attending a helpdesk supporting colleagues with computer problems. I am also a hobby photographer who believe we ought to pay more attention to how we treat our planet and each other. I trust the reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and I am disappointed that leading politicians in my own and other countries more or less have been ignoring warnings from the scientists for 20 years.

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