Jan’s photo album

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© Jan’s bulletin board 2013-2017


13 thoughts on “Jan’s photo album”

  1. Love your photos and your blog. I really love the new theme picture of you with the Rumi quote. Is that a photo and a painting? It’s amazing! Looking for your next post always brightens my day, Jan!


    1. Thank you so much, Kary – that is very kind of you! The picture is a photo that I have edited with the Gimp photo-editing program to make it look like an oil painting.

      Update: I have to update this comment now, as I’ve changed the picture from the original oil painting look into a cartoon look. It’s fun playing with Gimp 🙂


  2. I see how much you love nature and are concerned as you said in your “about” section for our planet. I agree. Beautiful photography! As you could tell from my blogs, I was just in Scandinavia in June for the first time and loved it!


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