Cat meets Fox

My wife and I had quite a surprise at breakfast today, when we were watching a cat outside our house and a fox suddenly came out from the woods. The cat’s strategy was clear: Get as high up as you can and try to look as big and dangerous as possible. And the strategy worked, the fox left and there was no fighting. Picture taken through the kitchen window.

Cat meets fox (photo: Jan Nergård)
Cat meets fox (photo: Jan Nergård)

Long legs and brown fur

Looking out of the window this morning to check on the weather and if more snow had fallen during the night, I spotted this moose with her calf just 20 metres from our house. They seemed to be having a nice breakfast together, and I was able to take a few pictures through the window before they moved on. Experiences like this always make me feel so privileged. I am so grateful to be living in an area where I can meet wild animals.



Moose with calf (photo: Jan Nergård)